So you have secured your dream role? TOP 5 tips to THRIVE

So you have secured your dream role? How can you make sure that you shine in your role? How can you add value? How can you develop your unique selling point? Want to be a game changer? Well, you will need to learn how to be the Mine to the Craft, the mouse to the keyboard, or the Mario to the Kart… and you will have to learn fast. The TOP 5 tips for excelling in your role are:

Take initiative

You are working within technology, an ever-changing industry with an increasing emphasis on cutting-edge technologies. You need to be able to make decisions and ADD value. Make yourself indispensable; push yourself to achieve even more. Don’t shy away from taking on more responsibilities to prove you can do more. Prove that you have the capacity to challenge yourself and to stretch your capabilities. This may be by deciding to run a campaign in work or tackle a new technology you have no experience with.

Be prepared to learn

You need to prepare for a lifetime of learning; the best of the best recognise that you never know it all. Particularly in technology: As new technologies take prominence, learning is a no-brainer. Take the initiative to register for various courses in emerging technologies such as AI and Machine Learning to enhance your understanding and upskill. Courses can be taken through various online platforms such as Codecademy and Coursera: Whilst these courses are often inexpensive to take, they add invaluable strings to your bow — or keys to your keyboard!

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

If you want to bring up a point of concern or make a change in your workplace, have the confidence to arrange a meeting with your manager or colleague.  Showing initiative when speaking out to management demonstrates proactiveness and drive, two qualities that are highly prized in all businesses. Managers appreciate those individuals who are conscientious and thorough. Make sure you listen to the guidance you are being given though; being able to take guidance and instructions shows you are cooperative and work well with others.

Have confidence

Go to events — and don’t be afraid to organise events — to stand out as an active team member. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes: When you make mistakes, you will learn from them and utilise that knowledge to get the job right the next time. Know your worth within your job: Assurance that you have the skills to execute the role will lead to confidence when carrying out tasks.

Develop resilience to change

Most of us don’t like change, am I right? Sadly, change is inevitable, and the quicker you work on dealing with change, pressure, and work-life balance, the easier you will find it when it inevitably happens.. Whether it is a change in your role or a change in the team you work within, accept it, deal with it, and learn from it.


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