How to keep employees from quitting

“I think having a manager that cares about you and is doing everything in their power to set you up to be successful is what everyone is looking for to some extent,” says Weiner.

Do employees seek encouragement and support? Yes, they do, everyone wants to feel valued in their role. Do you feel valued in your role? Job insecurity is one of the biggest drivers of lack of motivation. Building up your employees, spurring them on to succeed will make employees feel not only inspired but happier, they will feel respected and understood.



You spend 40 odd hours a week at your job… that is a huge chunk of your week. Working alongside individuals that understand you, care for you and know you well makes working a lot more pleasant, allowing you to feel at ease in the workplace. Being able to form positive working relations is a very good skill to have, the better relations you have with fellow employees, the more natural collaborative thinking will be.

Is Job hopping the cause? Yes, more and more employees are always seeking the next best opportunity. To retain staff, you must be aware of the industry trends and cater to your employees’ needs. If your employee is moving roles for increased flexibility, could you seek to offer more flexibility? Attentiveness to employees shows you value them and are willing to implement change to cater to them. Listening to your employees, allowing them to have a voice, allows issues to be risen and resolved…often issues in the workplace are resolved with a compromise, discussion and resolution.

Wage growth and low unemployment are fueling confidence, and the number of job openings is at record highs.

What does this mean for employers? Employers shouldn’t be complacent with their workers. The value of employees is being spotted and with job openings at record heights, a complacency is a dangerous place for employers, change is constant, maintaining your skilled employees is as important as retaining them.


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