What are the top alternative office spaces?

Statistics show that the average person works over 90,000 hours in the entirety of their career and that 80,000 of those hours in most cases are spent sitting. As the years have passed by this approach has begun to change, with greater reliance on technology, a greater craving for a work-life balance and employers wanting to reduce overheads by encouraging working from home.

Less and fewer companies are office based, with younger employers introducing various new ideas for alternative office spaces. What is the benefit of sitting in a traditional office? Well, some might say it gives people a distraction-free zone to operate in and amongst other colleagues… but is this the case? No, not entirely. The power of technology with applications such as Slack and Trello allow colleagues to be in communication with each other, plan their week and complete projects in conjunction with other colleagues all via the power of technology.

Do employees need more flexibility? Of course, they do. Family life balance is being craved more and more particularly by new parents who want to make their career work alongside their family and this should be achievable.

Other reasons? Well, autonomy? Employees want to feel the power of being able to make their own decisions and take responsibility. Part of taking responsibility for your tasks at work is to be able to self-motivate yourself and work in a way that suits you the best. Why would you squander your productivity?

What alternative spaces are companies trying?

Hot desking

Fancy changing your scenery and ‘renting’ a desk space? Hot desking allows you to sit next to different people every day, will help improve your communication and helps to widen your business circle.

Working from home

Working remotely is perfect for family life or balancing more than one job. Do you enjoy the comforts of your own home? Would you prefer to avoid the commute? More and more employers are starting to approve remote working.

Standing Desks

Standing desks might sound a step too far (there is crazier to come). Standing not only can potentially improve your mood but research shows that stand up desks can increase productivity as well as cognitive function.

Bike working

Do you fancy exercising while you work? Well, that is an option believe it or not. You could be composing an email and feeling like you are mountain biking at the same time. Getting ideas to propose to your employers?

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