The only way is to UPSKILL

Whether you are starting your technological career or if you’ve been working in tech for a while now, the constant need to address skill gaps and up skill is so vital. Even if you’re not currently in a technological role, gaining knowledge and fundamental tech skills will enable you to have your job for longer!

So how do I up skill? What platforms can I use to up skill? Well…look no further.

Here are the top 5 platforms to use right now:


1:       EDX

Do you want to drive your career forward with a top data science program? EDX is the perfect programme for you. The programme not only enables you to learn about the newest and most cutting-edge theories, but it allows you to select a course from 60 different schools. This course is free making it an open source, not only is it extremely accessible but technologists and engineers are able to build new learning tools and features for the platform. Check it out!


2:       Tuts

This is a great resource to find not only a multitude of free tutorials, but also paid options for tutorials and real courses. There are over 570 video courses that are instructed by professionals, and include all topics, not just those related to computers. Envato Tuts+ courses help you learn a skill from start to finish, with expert instructors and a practical style, our 1,180+ courses typically include 2—3 hours of video, organized into chapters and bite-size lessons.


3) Free code camp

The main purpose of Free Code Camp is to teach code to those who will learn it so that they will help non-profits. Students will receive real time help from the community chat rooms, while being able to meet up with other coders in their city. The courses are delivered not only through assignment but through interactive learning, there is flexibility surrounding the pace you wish to acquire the skills and best of all it is free to make a start.


4: TreeHouse

This platform includes 1000s of videos that have been specifically created by industry professionals. New videos are uploaded regularly which reflects technological changes and developments. Students can take quizzes on what they have learnt and test how much information they have retained. How will this benefit the student? Students can acquire badges which are publicly visible to employers should they look through the website. The platform offers a free trial initially… Check it out!


5) Code School

This is an interactive learning destination for those who are aspiring or experienced developers. The courses offered by Code School are organized into various Paths, which are based on technology. Students undertaking this course will be regularly tested and a report card is provided to track the progress of the aspiring developer. Upon enrolling on the course, you will have access to approx. 70 courses which have previously taught over 1 million students with a small monthly charge.


It is essential to develop your skills, as the technology world evolves, prepare yourself for the technology of tomorrow as more and more jobs are being created through technology advancement….WPR Technology will find you the best role.


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