Companies are facing a burnout crisis

“Unfair treatment at work, unreasonable deadlines, unmanageable workload, lack of support from managers and the added stress from having to respond to emails and texts during off hours are primary drivers of job burnout” as stated in the article.


Recent studies have shown that a sizeable percentage of employees feel burned out. A recent study by Gallup indicated that out of 7,500 employees, a staggering 23% feel overworked, burned out and overstretched by their role. Absenteeism and employees leaving roles due to this is costing companies a lot of expense. This needs to be addressed to reduce this turnover rate.

Here are 4 ways to counteract turnover


  • Work well alongside others, establish rapport with other employees. This will make you feel a bigger part of the team. Learn from others. People around you with more experience and greater industry knowledge can enrich your knowledge of the industry. Surrounding yourself with passionate team members will inspire you and create a passion within yourself. You must develop an interest in the company to be able to invest in it.


  • Propel your strengths: recognise your skills and focus on driving those. Encourage yourself by knowing your worth. Understand what you can achieve naturally and use your strengths to really mark your territory. A lot of employees spend more time focusing on their struggles than what they can do very well. Not recognising your assets is counterproductive and will cause potential demotivation.


  • Recognise your weaknesses: this will allow you to be able to focus on improving what doesn’t come naturally to you. Recognising these will allow you to be able to rectify mistakes and ultimately increase productivity.


  • Communicate: being able to communicate how you are feeling within your role is paramount to being able to flourish. This isn’t just one-sided though, other employees being able to communicate with you is very important also to able to retain productivity. From a stress levels perspective research indicates that employees are often the best at being able to pinpoint what is causing stress, therefore communication allows the employees to address what is causing their stress and be able to manage it as a result.