Pitching for greater culture

“One of the reasons I came here, one of the reasons a lot of people come to Amazon, is you will be heard.” Katie George, Amazon’s EMEA Tech campus recruiting lead. Katie chats to ‘The Recruiter’ about her role and the enthusiasm she has brought to Amazon…

How will you be heard?



One of Amazon’s objectives has been an internal restructure within recruitment, which has entailed bringing together campus recruiters into one global team. The reason behind doing this is to make the company more customer-centric. George is giving the graduates a chance to have their say at Amazon…by joining as one team they are going out externally and marketing to the students what roles there are.

Culture of listening

Graduates of today have a pre-conceived idea of what recruiters are going to offer, their ideas of the corporate world are pre-defined. George boasts that she can go to visit these graduates and inform them that they are going to have their say. She has worked hard to create a culture in the team where people know they can bring themselves to work, they can say what they think, and they can put their mark on the company.

Equal Opportunity

George has always been passionate about equality; her ethnic background has encouraged this. She developed a passion for influencing and supporting others in a personal capacity, she wanted to make a huge impact and she has done that. The company’s ethos has been massively shaped and developed by her influence.

Inclusive Initiatives

Katie states that inclusivity is something that Amazon take great pride in. An innovation bursary for women has recently been made available and in June of this year, a transgender toolkit was implemented. This toolkit is particularly useful to provide not only support for the individuals but also to provide information to fellow colleagues. “Diversity is a big aspect of what we try to do”, that goal remains a pivotal organisational objective throughout the company.

Amazon’s Principles of Leadership

Customer Obsession


Earn trust

Dive deep

Deliver results

Invent and simplify

Think big



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