How to brand yourself through dedication and value in the tech world

There is a lot of emphases nowadays to stand out as the front-runner, to offer value and to differentiate yourself from the competition. The phrase ‘branding yourself’ comes into play. What does this phrase mean and why would somebody want to? They aren’t a product… Well, you are an asset to the company you will join, and you must prove that. The same way a product needs to offer value to be sold, you need to show the company you are joining that you bring value. If you are going to build your brand, you need to work towards creating value… developing skills and hard graft are no-brainer ways to start to create your brand.


  • You must have determination and drive. If you look at Coke, Apple, Pepsi they are brands that have been pushed with drive. However, determination in isolation is not enough. You must have the substance behind the determination to generate success.

  • Success focused. Having an attitude that won’t allow rest until targets have been reached is paramount for your brand. Brands that prove everyone wrong are adored by consumers. Brands that have experienced knockbacks and still strive to achieve no matter what crisis hits are bound to be stronger.
  • Instil reputation. Brands are known for their reputation, the ability to demoralise a brand at the touch of a button is more and more prominent. Social media and online reviews can easily tarnish a brand very quickly. One of the most important things you can do to maintain the brand image is to have a mission statement with objectives to aspire to, to allow you to stay focused on the company vision. Tesco has instilled a reputation centred around offering a vast range of products for good price, with a customer-centric approach. Apple has created the high quality, more expensive brand that is reliable and multi-functional.

  • Realising that YOU shape the reputation of your brand. Building your own brand involves networking and establishing rapport with people. You can not control what everyone thinks of you, but you oversee positioning yourself as trustworthy, authentic, honest and reliable.