9 ways to safeguard your mental health at work

44% of workers suffer from anxiety caused by workload according to a recent study. 12.5 million working days have been lost due to work related stress, anxiety or depression…

Innocent offers flexible working and encourages staff to be healthy and happy however works for them.

Unilever, ‘Wherever your work place, you should feel supported mentally’

How can this be managed?

Mental health is so important, and you must make sure that your mental health is catered for in the work environment, Results reveal that 83% of respondents have had no formal training in how to manage mental health issues as uncovered in Sync Ni’s recent article.

Industries are going to have to change drastically to begin to cater for their employees as not offering such training is just not good enough anymore…

Companies need to open up the conversation to workers, allowing them to know the procedures that are in place.


Ways to do this?

  • Don’t overwhelm workers with unreachable tasks. Measure the workload and make sure that staff members are happy with the work allocated. Communication is key.
  • Team working ethos really helps to allow staff members to not feel isolated and to feel part of a greater purpose.
  • Offer flexibility and breaks during the working week/year. Make sure that your employees are happy doing the amount they are doing; a lot of employees suffer in silence.
  • Take an interest in your employees, it is often apparent when individuals feel stressed or withdrawn, make this a priority to check in with progress.
  • Promote the importance of mental health, research conveys that some people find it hard to address these issues, make sure that awareness is made.

What can you do as employee to protect your mental health?

  • Eat well, make sure that you are having balanced diet. Skipping meals can leave you feeling like you have no energy.
  • Take regular breaks, make sure that you take breaks provided in work. Working through your lunch break can often leave you feeling overworked which could lead to information overload.
  • If any concerns arise in mind of employee, express them. Communication is key.
  • Do not suffer in silence, if you are struggling with your mental health it is vital to seek the help you need, confide in a work colleague or make active steps to speaking to a professional.


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