Top 3 secrets to motivating your employees

Employee motivation contains many different variables. Many employers believe that money is the biggest motivator for employees to encourage them to work harder. Is this the case? No, there is many other ways to do this… A key finding was that 70% of survey respondents reported their most meaningful recognition “had no dollar value”.

This study shows that employees look for more out of their work than just pay for motivation. Money often retains employees and keeps them satisfied but does it push them to go over and beyond?

No, money will not push employees to have the desire to want to push boundaries and go over and beyond this is because money is only one of many variables. Money in isolation will not enable you to get the most out of your employees.


What are the 3 main factors?


  • Career advancement

Career advancement refers to the possibility of promotions, the possibilities of rising within the company. Employees want to feel valued and want to feel as though they are working towards something. Employees seeks gratification and praise. Promotion based opportunities allows staff to feel valued and that they are performing to a high standard. Allowing your staff to gain increased control over time will enable them to feel responsibility and will cause them to work harder as a result.


  • Security

Employees like to know that their job is secure, particularly those employees who have a family to provide for and a mortgage to pay. Employees who feel low job security tend to treat them job with low level of passion. Employees who are fearful of losing their job may as a result shy away from putting forward ideas. Apart from a low level of innovation, low security can result in lack of trust and a lack of trust leads to a lack of loyalty. Employees desire to feel at ease within their work place, that they can express themselves and not be on edge. Instilling in your staff high job security is paramount to retain staff.


  • Passion (Appropriate Job Roles)

For employees to feel motivated they need to be happy within their role. Make sure that employees are content, satisfied and in the appropriate role for them. There are many ways to help an employee by happy within their job. One way would be to encourage them in their tasks, to praise their achievements. Another way would be to provide training if a staff member isn’t confident in their role. A final way would be to invest time in your employees. Many managers fail to recognise that a good employee is an investment, put the time into that advancement to see return.


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