Why companies need to accommodate working mums and dads

Many professionals in all sectors of employment face the feeling of being torn between their career and their family. Large companies that are wanting to retain their top employees need to learn how to manage these employees. Generations have passed, and employees now demand more flexible schedules and a balanced working life.

The emphasis on Dads within working life and balancing children is sadly overlooked as mothers are granted more flexible schedules. Giving your employees flexibility and trust will correlate to much high levels of loyalty, dedication and commitment. If you want to retain your employees you have to facilitate them and make them want to stay, don’t drive employees away! Work alongside your employees, take interest in their needs and wants. In the long term this will benefit your company – that is guaranteed!

How can this be achieved?

  • Increased Flexibility – the understanding that working from home is perfectly acceptable if the work gets done. Allowing employees to leave early to collect their children from school, to attend parent teacher interviews and to look after their children.
  • Seek companies that have parents in senior positions. The ethos of such a company will as a result have a lot greater an understanding on flexibility, co parenting and allow you to carve out a more balanced career.

  • Speak directly to members of staff in senior positions during your interview or when you are working there, take time to sit down with them. Explain that flexibility is important and reiterate how productive a few days from home can be. Communication is key. If your boss can see you are a good communicator with the initiative to approach them with this issue, that will speak volumes of your character.
  • Seek a working environment that seeks to do more for their employees. More and more employees now incorporate feedback and team meetings. This is vital as this is a sign of a forward focused company, make sure you are in a company that respects your values. If your values involve you having a balanced working life as a mum or dad make sure that these values are respected.

Good luck!

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