Apple could be employing your grandmother next

After reading CNBC’s article which offered an explanation as to why Apple should be hiring your grandmother, we decided to add our thoughts to the discussion and highlight what reasons we would give to reinforce this argument.

  • Older people have a greater need for clarity, having not being brought up in the technological industry using technology and engaging with it regularly is not second nature to them like it is to generation X. Due to this, it means that their attention to how functional the piece of technology is paired with the accessibility of the tools is most valuable. This statistic highlights the level of usage the older generation have with technology. The older generation are likely to be able to see technology in a much more critical light than generation X who are simply immersed in it.

  • Women live longer, as stated by Fike. They continue to make buying decisions for their families and loved ones well into their 70s and beyond. This is the polar opposite to the young male tech worker. Making buying decisions for their families means they have more chance of having their purchasing behaviour analysed and monitored. Older women hold the key to influencing their offspring and family members.
  • Whilst technology is new to the silver surfer, there is an upward trend of positive expectation placed onto technology and its functionality by older members of community. Expectation has changed, injecting an older perspective into product design will help products to be continually diversified. That they have features which appeal to the older generation. The implementation of focus groups and more interaction with older members of the community will allow appropriate changes to be made to accommodate the older generation.


TAKEAWAYS// utilise focus groups with older technology users, diversify your products, recognise the power of purchase behaviour that older women possess, recognise the upward trend in positive expectations placed on technology and its capabilities.

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