Gearing yourself up for a dynamic and diverse career of tomorrow

Careers of tomorrow are ever changing; the expectations generation X have for their careers differs from the expectations of the generations that have come before.

Continual Learning and growth: Employees of today want to be continually learning and developing their horizons, 82% of individuals highlight this as important in their working life. Traditional one-off training and induction training only are gone, as companies are forced to invest in regular training courses whether they are online, at local events or in house. Within the technology industry learning is just a necessity. The industry changes in a flash and without keeping up with terminology and latest trends, your job will soon seem like a foreign language to you. As a company give your employees what they crave, to learn more and expand horizons in-house facilitated by the company. Be a forward focused employer.

Embrace diversity: 79% of employees believe that their employer doesn’t care about their personal happiness within their job. Embracing change is particularly important if you want to possess a working team who will bring a variety of skills and outlooks. Projecting personality is important in work, being able to have a work force that encapsulates diversity will allow for the business to have greater creativity and innovation levels as well as enhancing the company brand. Within technology, the workforce is usually diverse as technology continues to dominate most of the growing industries.

Millennials are encouraged to study technology and generation X have grown up immersed in it, the workers who specialise in technology will vary. Retaining talent and encouraging creativity will be one of the key ways differentiation can be achieved.

Encourage autonomy and understand changing career trends: 53% of employees are actively seeking a higher paid job. Profile your employees just as you profile your clients, understand what drives your employee and use this to encourage them to seek a promotion, gain more autonomy or get that pay packet they fondly desire. 39% of employees work harder if they are content in their current role. Understanding your employee and catering for them will lead to a more efficient and productive team player and will because of this, benefit the whole team and enhance the company culture.

Will your company make a difference? Are you ready for the diverse and dynamic careers of tomorrow?

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