Checklist: 5 Hacks to keeping top talent more than satisfied

Are you getting the very best out of your top employees? Are you wondering how to achieve this?

Employees nowadays demand job security, prospects and a flexible work life balance, the world has changed with the level of perks some companies are willing to provide for their workforce. If you wish to drive the highest level of efficiency, productivity and consistency it is paramount to keep your best staff happy and motivated. At WPR we deal with clients regularly and we listen to their demands and requirements and we are in touch with the needs of consumers currently, keeping on top of employee trends is part of what we do to maintain our cutting-edge approach to technology recruitment. For us at WPR, we believe there are 5 hacks for managers to do to keep top talent more than satisfied.


  • Listen to staff. Make sure to listen to staff whether they are young or more experienced members of the team. Every member can bring a very different contribution to the table. Current trend knowledge combined with experience of the industry is golden. Utilise this as best as you can to make each member feel like a valuable contributor to the workforce. Team sessions on a regular basis are brilliant for engaging the whole team and allowing everyone to work together as a team. Utilise different perspectives/age and experience to further diversify your company.


  • Give staff more autonomy in their roles. Nobody likes to be micro managed. Within the technology industry allocating control over certain elements of the job role will not only lead to the staff members feeling more productive but psychologically more able to develop their initiative. Top management involves a high level of delegation, being able to delegate well is a sign of a good manager. Trust your employees to make good decisions, develop your employees by increasing their ability to manage and control situations.


  • Train and invest in your employees. Offer training to your employees, view your employees as a business asset. They need to be developed and by spending money in the interim you are decreasing the time of self-learning required. Training of employees can occur in many ways, it can take the form of online training or in-house management training. Within the technology industry, particularly if a large company, company specific training may be offered. The result of such training will increase the productivity of employees as well as supply them with higher levels of motivation. Within the technology industry change is inevitable, learning is a key part of the role to keep on top of trends and move with times. Dan Kiely, founder of Voxpro highlighted at Digital DNA 2018 that you have to invest in employees and if you bring in a good employee, they will pay for themselves. Check them out here! Voxpro –


  • Award your employees. When an employee is performing well, have successfully exceeded company targets they should be rewarded. Celebrate success and encourage each other within the team. Often in many companies more time is spent focusing on what is wrong with organisation rather than what is right with the organisation. Make a conscious effort to be a positive manager as the result of this will be that staff will be more positive and because of that the employees attitude will be transformed.


  • Allow employees to control their future within the company. Each member of staff will have a different approach to their career particularly in the technology industry. Some members of staff will be very ambitious, disruptive, forward focused and ready to make shakes within an organisation whereas, some other members of staff may simply enjoy the job and may be content and happy with their position and status within the company. Catering for both is what will create a happier set of employees. Not pushing every employee to strive for promotions, allowing each employee to dictate their goals and ambitions and for the company to work alongside them and support them as they achieve their personal objectives. Each employee should be give regular updates on their performance, which will help them grow. Focusing on nurturing employees and taking an interest in their individual growth will help to retain overall satisfaction.


TAKEAWAYS // Value your employees, celebrate your employees, nurture your employees, award your employees and invest in your employees.


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