Have you ever wondered what is preventing you from getting the job? Is your CV standing in your way? Top Tips from Technology Recruiters…

  • Inaccuracies – within your CV it is paramount that you proof read it, errors within a CV particularly when being considered for roles within large technology firms is a big no. Illustrating attention to detail will help you to convey professionalism and allow the technology recruiter to find suitable positions that will match such professionalism.


  • Experience – Make sure to include your work history in full, regardless of whether you spent a short period with that firm. As a technological recruiter, it is paramount to be able to see your previous experience to judge your suitability for certain roles. Use your experience to highlight your depth and breadth of experience. Software developers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems.


  • Skills – Highlight your skills, so often with CVs. Particularly technologically minded individuals can often spend time discussing their technical skills and not include their soft skills. Soft skills are as important as technical, spend time including these.


  • Importance of hobbies and interests – more and more firms nowadays are team orientated the days of working individually with no interaction with others are gone. Technology firms are increasingly creating vibrant and dynamic office spaces. Google and Microsoft organise team events amongst other factors to drive collaboration. Applicants with interpersonal skills and strong team building skills will thrive even more in these working establishments, including hobbies and interests within CV will allow recruiter to attempt to position you within a company with a vibrant company culture.


  • Clarity – as recruiters observe your CV, issues that often occur revolve around unclear meanings within your CV. Professionalism once again is vital – make sure that the CV sells you in the best way. Having gaps in CV often leaves questions in mind of employer and recruiters can often struggle to place these particular individuals efficiently.