Belfast vs London – Which city is the best to live and work in?

Whilst both cities are vibrant in their own way, London seemingly offers bigger and better alternatives but at what cost?!

Price of living costs: To rent a single bedroom in London, you will only have to spend an extra 190% on what you would pay for a bedroom in the centre of Belfast. The prices in London are so much higher but you get more for your money in Belfast. How about the basics after you pay your rent? Well, electricity and heating will cost 79% more in London than Belfast. Getting on the property ladder is far harder than Belfast, with the majority of Londoners embarking on a life of renting.

Higher SalaryAre you thinking how ends will be met within London? Well the average monthly salary is 70% more than Belfast. There are higher salaries offered and there are far more job opportunities in London with the majority of firms being much larger. The higher salaries being offered in London enables the higher costs to be covered. However, this depends on the lifestyle attained.

Dynamic City? Belfast in the past twenty years and beyond has really turned a corner, with a dynamic city centre and increasing size of opportunities. The city centre itself has gone from strength to strength since Victoria Square was established 10 years ago. The technology scene in Belfast is booming. The recent event, Digital DNA hosted speakers from around the globe. There is the ‘Smart City’ Belfast Agenda, increased inward investment from FDIs, hubs for tech start-ups, a hive of meetups and a tech culture of sharing and learning. Belfast has really put itself on the map.

Transport expenses: London is significantly larger than Belfast, so naturally the reliance on public transport is increased. In London the price of a monthly travel pass is a monstrous 135% more expensive than Belfast. Public transport is even more heavily relied on in London, since driving in London is difficult due to heavy congestion and further expenses of car ownership. A lot of workers in Belfast are able to achieve a balanced working life particularly as they can opt to live outside the city in the countryside and yet still only have a relatively short work commute. In terms of the lifestyle…it is far more impersonal in London. The long commute and early mornings are a world away from the Glider that has just been introduced to commute into Belfast City centre.



Entertainment: Do you enjoy spending your evenings at the cinema? Well in London a ticket to see Incredibles 2 will set you back double the price of the same ticket to see Incredibles 2 in Belfast. The Grand Central Hotel has recently just opened as an expansion to the Hastings Empire. The hotel is primarily for business men/women as prior to its implementation, Belfast did not have enough beds to cater for the volume of guests. Game of Thrones which is filmed at Titanic Quarter has also placed Belfast on a international map, with the studios being situated just outside the City centre.

TAKEAWAYS// Living costs and living space are far better value for money in Belfast, the technology scene in Belfast is continually going from strength to strength, transport costs are far less in Belfast, entertainment in Belfast is half the price, and eventually, with relative ease,  you could even buy a home and raise your family!

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