5 Reasons WHY Linkedin is SO important

Why is LINKEDIN critical for success?


We all know the power of social media and how if it is abused can leave long lasting bad impressions. Linkedin is very different to Facebook and a world apart from snapchat, therefore your usage should be different. The WPR team believe that there are 10 reasons why Linkedin is so important and I will succinctly outline them below.

  • CV’s will soon be a thing of the past, Linkedin is your online CV. It outlines your previous work experience, your skills and your current position. Due to this your Linkedin should be continually updated and relevant. Small elements such as no profile picture and under developed profile could put you on the ‘no’ pile very quickly.


  • It is perfect for networking. A large volume of professionals have a linkedin presence, therefore first impressions are very important. Make as many connections as possible to build your connections.


  • Allows personal brand to be built. Your Linkedin account represents you and will be checked prior to any contact about an interview. Your profile must sell you to the employer. You must make sure that you are impressing the employer with your experience and relevant skills.


  • Make sure you write a concise bio. Your bio should sum up what you do and how you do it. Make sure that it does not come across as too cliché. Keep it accurate and relevant.


  • Make sure when discussing your previous experience, particularly if you are a graduate, do not refer to school days or experience that is outdated. This may give the employer the impression that you haven’t achieved as much in recent times and may make the employer question your productivity.