Culture Vs Cringe // Read it in 60

Across the globe there are many offices who go above and beyond to keep their employees satisfied. Google is well known for not only providing staff with free health service but provides employees with miniature golf and NAP PODS (just incase the staff feel tired mid-day). They even go as far as providing death benefits for staff…

Google are not alone, if you work at social media giant Twitter you will experience unlimited holidays, free meals and free yoga classes. Is this all cringey or is this company culture?

Well, a lot of companies face excessive competition like Google. Google have claimed that a few costs (huge costs) for these perks is a drop in the ocean compared to what they would have to pay to replace such high calibre workers.

Overall, Google is clearly one of the highest performing companies in the world. As a company, the treatment of the staff is held as paramount to the success of the company. Cringey? May well be a little excessive but the employees of Google certainly aren’t complaining nor is the Head Quarters when they glance at the profits made.

Major Takeaway: All companies that strive for growth and longevity should not underestimate the power of company culture, conveying company culture is a top selling point for gaining a new job post.