Join the upskilling revolution 

Whether you are starting your technological career or if you’ve been working in tech for a while now, the constant need to address skill gaps and up skill is so important. Even if you’re not currently in a technological role, gaining knowledge and fundamental tech skills will enable you to have your job for longer!

So how do I upskill? What platforms can I use to upskill? Well…look no further.



This platform provides technical courses from top universities which enables individuals to study a multitude of hot technology skills, which allows them to educate themselves on various topic areas. The platform partners with top universities to provide an online learning environment. Upskilling and reskilling prove to companies that you are willing to change as the industry evolves.







This platform is highly affordable, accessible, effective and engaging. Education has surpassed passive listening into active doing. It aims to teach the skills that are needed by industry leaders today, delivers the credentials that are endorsed by employers, and give valuable education at just a fraction of the cost that is asked at traditional schools.


Masters Qualification

You could study a master’s to broaden your technical skill base, Ulster University is starting to offer AI as a course. Some people chose to study part-time whilst they do continue in their day job, which allows them to continue to earn money while they build on their skills. Those workers that show a dedication to lifetime learning, show flexibility, embrace change and will explore a variety of roles will be the most likely to succeed.



This is another useful tool to learn technical skills to get the job you want, it allows you to develop an awareness of what the ever-changing technology careers are requiring. The future in technology is always evolving and changing, it is undeniably essential to learn how to work with new systems. There is going to be a multitude of new roles.


Code Avengers

Here, students will learn their education by doing what professionals do. They will be provided step-by-step instructions, 1000s of coding challenges, quizzes, and videos and will be supported by an enthusiastic community of learners and expert educators. Students will get closer to achieving their goals, whether they want to land their dream job, build technology that will change the world, or start their own tech company.



This platform specialises in allowing you to evolve your career. Here, you will be enabled to keep up with the speed of technology, work smarter and faster and gain in-demand skills in a multitude of areas including AI and automation. A good feature of this platform is that it tells you how many hours it will take to complete the course as well as allowing you to select the level you wish to learn at whether it is a beginner, intermediate or advanced.



SitePoint is a centre for web developers to share their passion for making incredible things on the internet.  You can look for information by simply type in keywords into the search box and browse the articles available. This resource will help developers, entrepreneurs, product creators and programmers.



It is essential to develop your skills, as the technology world evolves, more and more jobs are being created through technology advancement so prepare yourself for the technology of tomorrow… Make yourself indispensable and WPR Technology will find you the best role.


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