Do you want a career in 2025?

Careers over the next number of years will change vastly. Several careers will be taken over by increased levels of automation. How do you prepare yourself for that future? Continually upskill and reskill, be aware of changing industries and evolving roles. Focus carefully on what people want, focus on the industries that are growing as well as those not going anywhere. The health and wellbeing and technology sectors have been described as two of the biggest industries for growth and longevity. Companies have more access to data analytics, which allows companies to see what is working successfully and what is not, therefore in 2025, employees will be aware of the effectiveness and overall efficiency of their role.

Cheryl Cran, a future of work expert, stated in her article that the best areas to focus on reskilling and upskilling within are:

  • linking data with critical thinking that leads to business innovation
  • thinking with real-time creativity in everyday work scenarios
  • communicating with increasingly diverse teams of varying cultures, personalities and locations
  • adapting quickly to rapid change
  • engaging clients and co-workers quickly and effectively

Cheryl Cran (photographed above)

As the new generation begin to filter into the workplace, they will begin to question more traditional methods and ask for change. An example of this would be with flexible working: the younger generation are increasingly wanting to achieve a more balanced work life. More and more companies are jumping on board with this, specifically technology companies supplying employees with expensive portable devices. Only 40% of the working week for technology employees could be office bound.


Regardless of what industry you are in there is undoubtedly going to be disruption related to technology, behavioural changes and standards. Despite the fear that is attached to change in the workplace, excitement is also apparent with the right level of motivation, skills and passion to evolve.  Despite the level of experience one individual may have within a sector, those individuals who adapt a lifetime of learning in order to stay relevant and keep on top of the changing trends will be the individuals that will thrive in 2025 and beyond.

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