Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Consider Working in Belfast

Moving to a new city is big decision.  A million questions fly through your head, where should I live? How will I make new friends? Is it too far from home? Is it the right decision? In today’s fast moving, global workplace, working in one location is no longer a reality and workers are learning to plan for this.

Belfast is the capital city of Northern Ireland.  A relatively small city covering an area of 44 square miles and with a population of 579,000

A recent report by Tech Nation found Belfast to be experiencing a rapid rise in the number of hi-tech companies in the city of Belfast, a veritable hotbed of up and coming tech companies with innovative projects and exciting job prospects, as well as some of the most prestigious, global companies establishing permanent residency in the city.

In this blog post, we explore why Belfast could and should become a major player on your list of ‘possible places to work’.

UK’s Fastest growing economy

Belfast has gone through many positive changes over the last 10 years.  There is a vibe when one walks through the city which is noticeably optimistic amongst its inhabitants.  This positivity has in part been helped by a fast growing economy.  A recent report by Northern Ireland’s Department of Living and Learning, showed that Belfast is the UK’s fastest growing economy, a clear reason to consider the city as worthwhile career investment.

Low cost of living

Belfast is ranked as 120th in the list of most expensive places for expats to live, but still ranks as the least expensive of UK cities listed.  Furthermore it sits at number 3 on the most affordable UK cities list; in short the cost of living in Belfast is low.  With lower living costs comes a lower salary expectation, however Government is acutely aware of this lower salary and a strategy is currently in place to attract higher paid jobs to Belfast.   The average price of renting a 1 bedroom apartment in Belfast City Centre is £545, whereas the rental price of a 2 bedroom house outside of Belfast City Centre averages at a cost of £700 per month.

Variety of ‘liveable’ areas

Belfast is nestled within a valley, surrounded by mountains and with beautiful countryside located just minutes outside of the city.  Many areas of Belfast present the new resident with an attractive and cost effective place to live.  Areas of popularity to note are Stranmillis, Ballyhackamore, Rosetta and Belmont, although further out of the city villages such as Holywood and Bangor are also very liveable despite entailing a slight commute.

It should not be ignored that the city has had its problems in the past, ‘The Troubles’ are still visible in some areas of Belfast.  However, the current residents are determined not to let the issues that the city has encountered in the past cast a shadow over their city.  Fiercely proud of what their city has become, the current residents welcome new visitors with open arms, earning the city a reputation as ‘The UK’s most friendly city’.

Good Transport system

Belfast has a good, ever improving transport structure.  Thanks to the relatively small size of the city, a lot of locations are within walking distance but for those longer journeys the rail and road network is excellent.  Buses navigate effectively and punctually throughout the cities’ many time saving bus lanes, and taxis are low cost and friendly.   Further investment is expected in the city’s transport system, making it ever more effective and commuter friendly.  For those fitness fanatics, the city hosts numerous green and leafy parks which can make a walk into the city a mindful and refreshing experience.

As well as local transport, the city harbours 5 commercial ports, and two airports.

Cultural City

Belfast heavily invests in culture, and having a ‘diverse, dynamic and unique culture’ is central to Belfast City Council’s cultural framework.  With festivals such as Culture Night, The Belfast Taste Festival , Belfast International Arts Festival and The International Film & TV Festival,  there is enough culture for everyone.  As well as this, key iconic venues such as The Ulster Hall, The Grand Opera House, The Black Box and the MAC have enhanced the historic Cathedral Quarter of Belfast and make this area a regular haunt for Belfast’s many residents.  Belfast hosts several theatres which attract worldwide performances, and furthermore its newly refurbished SSE Arena attracts major globally recognised artists.

Rewarding opportunities

On average, we spend 42.7 hours per week in the workplace.  Considering that this is the majority of our waking weekday time, it would make sense to find a job that is both rewarding and satisfying.  Belfast is an attractive location for companies to settle, and has attracted high levels of investment on an international scale over the last 10 years.  A particular focus has been on the technology industry and a surge of 73% in new digital jobs has been cited in recent years.  Roles such as software engineers, technical consultants, java developers and support engineers are a regular feature on many jobs boards, and a particular focus in recent months has been to grow the emerging ‘Fintech’ sector within Northern Ireland.  It is estimated that there are around 32,000 people working in the digital industry.

All in all, Belfast is increasingly becoming an attractive place to live and work with a vibrant tech scene and an affable, friendly society.

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