Surviving or thriving – are you getting the best out of your employees

When your employees come to work every day do they smile and get on with the task at hand? Do they appear happy and do what is required of them and then leave at the end of the day? This may well by the case, but research indicates that only 13% of people insist they live with a good level of mental health. Education surrounding mental health is still progressing, 20/30 years ago crippling forms of mental illness was referred to as being ‘feeble’. The years have progressed and now we recognise the importance of maintaining mental health and supporting other people.

Despite huge steps forward in dealing with mental health in society and support being offered by employers to help employees manage their mental health, the job scape looks different. Jobs are still ‘one size fits all’ which means that people are often put into boxes and expected to be a certain way and withhold a certain image.

Research shows that incredibly gifted workers who are great at their job begin to struggle and begin to be burnt out by the pressures of their role. If those individuals do not have the support they need, agitation occurs. Tension and agitation then result in really gifted employees leaving their positions as they didn’t get the support they needed.

Make sure time is set aside for team meetings and building team rapport. Make sure that there is support at a senior level for those that require it. Another tip would be to address concerns, open the lines of communication between staff and senior management, allowing issues to be brought to forefront and dealt with.