How difficult are millennials to control in the work place?

Millennials are often described as being difficult to manage in the workplace but why? Well, expectations have changed…

Often Millennials are influenced by their parents. Individuals who have seen their parents working flat out, coming home late and having long commutes to and from work, often seek a more balanced life for themselves. More and more work places are developing a less rigid approach to working life with many introducing flexible working hours, working from home and moving away from working 9-5. Industries have changed to accommodate parents with more flexible working hours and millennials are from a generation of change and development, so it is natural to expect them to have higher expectations.

Millennials don’t tend to stick in the same job for long with many graduates expected to change jobs about 4 times in their first ten years of employment after college. This desire to change and evolve is a far cry from the generation previous, the statistic is 5-7 career changes in a lifetime for the generation previous. This change often makes bosses sceptical about their positioning within the company and they question their company loyalty. The years of staying with one company for your entire career are over…

Millennials are often inherent disrupters within organisations. The senior staff within an organisation tend to want to hold onto the more traditional methods of doing things. “Senior managers are hanging on to the old ways and expect these young people to act and behave in the way they did when they were picked up at their university milk rounds in the Eighties.” Millennials need to learn to work with senior members of staff as they can combine their knowledge to maximise success. Mutual respect needs to be established, make changes, push for results but don’t undermine those in senior positions.


TAKEAWAYS// parents have influenced millennials, millennials are fickler with their approach to jobs and they are inherently more disruptive.


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